Matt Berson is the winemaker/owner and sole employee of Love & Squalor. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Matt discovered that a culinary and vinous education could be his at below retail prices if he was willing to wait tables, and wait he did. And bartend, and manage, and taste a lot of wine, and learn he did. Matt’s restaurant odyssey ended 12 years after it started when he ran away to Portland, Oregon and fell in with a vagabond group of winemaking pirates. He was initially taught grape whispering by Patty Green of Patricia Green Cellars. He has scurried in the cellars of Jimi Brooks (Brooks), Jay Somers (J. Christopher), Larry McKenna (Escarpment, NZ), Helen Turley (CA) and Erni Loosen (Dr. Loosen). Matt started his own label in 2006. Matt served as assistant winemaker for Ransom Wines & Spirits and Brooks Handcrafted Wines before jumping out entirely on his own in 2011. Matt makes his wines in a shared winery space in McMinnville and lives in SE Portland in a house full of curly girls.