Having never set foot in a winery, Maggie Harrison, through dumb luck and an embarrassing show of tenacity, became the first assistant winemaker at Sine Qua Non. She apprenticed for eight wonderful and life-changing harvests and in 2004, made plans to strike out on her own and started a small syrah project called Lillian. These plans also included settling down in Santa Barbara, a place she never intended to leave. When she was invited to become the winemaker at Antica Terra she emphatically refused. But the vineyard owners were crafty. They asked Maggie if she would simply take a look at the vineyard and offer her opinion about the qualities of the site. She reluctantly agreed. Twenty-six seconds after arriving among the oaks, fossils and stunted vines she found herself hunched beneath one of the trees, phone in hand, explaining to her husband that they would be moving to Oregon.