Grand Seminar

2021 Grand Seminar

Through Rosé Colored Glasses
Sparkling Pinot Noir from Near and Far

From the calcium-rich soils of Champagne to the kaleidoscope of soils found under Pinot vines destined for sparkling rosés in other parts of the world, you’ll learn how this effervescent twist on Pinot Noir takes its complex path into being, and enjoy the fruits of the winemakers’ labor.

All Full Weekend guests attend the Grand Seminar on Friday or Saturday late morning.

2021 Grand Seminar Moderator

DOROTHY GAITER Grape Collective (New York, NY)

Dorothy Gaiter is the senior editor of Grape Collective, and was formerly the long-time co-author of the weekly wine column for The Wall Street Journal, with her husband, John Brecher. Dorothy and John also founded the annual Open That Bottle Night.