This Page is intended for foreign wineries interested in being featured at the 2017 IPNC

The IPNC is honored to host top Pinot noir producers from around the world. The exchange of ideas between international winemakers and the camaraderie shared by all participants are distinctive elements that set IPNC apart from other wine events. Since 1987, the IPNC has hosted 182 winemakers from France, 39 winemakers from New Zealand, 22 from Australia, 15 from Italy, 14 from Canada, 10 from Germany, seven from Switzerland, seven from Austria, six from Chile, three from South Africa, and one each from Argentina, England, Israel, and Spain for a total of 307 foreign wineries.

The IPNC hopes to introduce participants to the outstanding quality and diversity of Pinot noir now being produced around the world. The Celebration is designed to give maximum opportunity for casual interaction between the featured winemakers and attending guests. Due to the confines of the venue and our commitment to maintaining the event’s intimacy, we are limited in the number of wineries we can feature. Approximately 70 Pinot noir producers are featured each year. Foreign wineries comprise about half of the total number of featured winery slots. Invitations are sent to foreign wineries in the fall and winter months. Due to the increased interest in participation, the IPNC endeavors to annually invite a slate of new participating wineries.

The IPNC’s goal is to select a group of wineries by focusing on quality, both of the individual wines presented and the event as a whole, as the principal criterion. Quality will also be the dominant factor in the determination of the number, and distribution of participating wineries. Secondarily, the theme and focus of the program will influence selection, number, and regional distribution of wineries. Several other factors are also taken into account, such as region, diversity, participation history, and size.

Expression of Interest

Featured wineries have been selected for the 2016 IPNC. If you are interested in participating as a featured winery at the 2017 IPNC, please fill out the attached form so that the IPNC may consider your winery for participation in future events. Please return the form via fax to 503/472-1785, or via email to We request that all submission documents arrive no later than the November 25, 2016 deadline.

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IPNC Foreign Winery Interest Form
Name of Wineryas it appears on your label
Have you ever participated in the IPNC as a Featured Winery?
If yes, in what year did you last participate?
Winery Contact Information
Name of Head Winemaker / Winery Owner
Contact Phone Number
Winery Mailing Address
State / Province
Zip Code
Participation Requirements
Production RequirementMy winery produces at least 500 cases of Pinot noir annually and has at least three commmercially available vintages of Pinot noir.
Winery Principal RequirementI acknowledge that, if selected, the head winemaker and/or winery owner will be present to represent this winery for the full weekend of IPNC, July 28 - July 30, 2017.
Wine Import RequirementI acknowledge that, if selected, I am responsible for the importation of my wines into the United States. I currently have an importer, or would be willing to partner with an importer.
Name of U.S. Importer
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Bottle Sample Submission

While the IPNC does not require samples from wineries outside of Oregon, wine submissions from other regions are gladly accepted and will certainly be included in the tasting and selection process. Two bottles of the same wine may be shipped to:

IPNC Selection Committee
410 NE Third St., Suite 5
McMinnville, OR 97128

Please note, these instructions refer to the 2017 Featured Winery selection. All samples must arrive by November 25, 2016. Please do not send your submissions before October 1, 2016. There can be no exceptions to the December deadline, as the tasting panel will meet soon after that date. Samples must be from the 2014 or 2015 vintage. Please limit your submission to ONE selection, as only one wine per winery will be reviewed. Samples must be finished and bottled (barrel samples will not be accepted). To be eligible for participation, a winery must produce at least 500 cases of Pinot noir annually (as of the current calendar year) and should have produced at least three commercially available vintages of Pinot noir.

Thank you for your interest in the International Pinot Noir Celebration!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to call the office at 800/775-4762 or email

“[The IPNC] was a great opportunity to meet like minded people, vignerons, and consumers, in such a fun, relaxed atmosphere.” -Jean-Marie & Vicki Fourrier, Domaine Jean Marie Fourrier

“I was like a child with light in my eyes and very impressed by the organisation, the wines, the winemakers, the campus, the activities, the Grand Seminar, and the panels… Everything!! “ -Mathilde Grivot, Domaine Jean Grivot