• Grand Seminar at IPNC

    “Unquestionably the Greatest for Lovers of Pinot Noir”

    -Bon Appétit

  • IPNC Winery Lunch

    Featuring 70 of the World's Top Pinot Noir Wineries

  • IPNC Grand Dinner at Linfield College | By Brian Richardson of Vinbound Marketing

    “One of the most enjoyable wine weekends in the world”

    -Jancis Robinson

  • IPNC Grand Dinner Chefs (By Andrea Johnson)

    Featuring 50 of the Northwest's Top Chefs

  • IPNC Vineyard Tour (CWK Photography)

    “It’s the tops; there is nothing as well-run and instructive”

    -The New York Times

  • IPNC Salmon Bake (CWK Photography)

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31st Annual
International Pinot Noir Celebration

July 28-30, 2017
at Linfield College
McMinnville, Oregon

The IPNC is a three-day event, famous around the globe, as a mecca for lovers of Pinot noir and northwest cuisine. During the weekend, world-renowned winemakers, northwest chefs, esteemed media, epicures, and wine lovers will gather in McMinnville, Oregon, for three days of exploring Pinot noir, savoring unforgettable meals, and learning and celebrating with luminaries of the food and wine world.

Along with the speakers and chefs, it is the relaxing and festive atmosphere that sets the IPNC apart from all other wine events. Whether tasting Grand Cru Burgundy or walking through Oregon vineyards with the grower who planted them, guests find themselves unwinding in picturesque Oregon wine country for what wine legend Jancis Robinson described as “one of the most enjoyable wine weekends in the world”.

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IPNC Winery Lunch (Photo By Carolyn Wells Kramer)
  • It's the tops; there is nothing as well-run and instructive

    The New York Times - Frank Prial
  • The IPNC offers great foods, fantastic wines, and interesting lectures all wrapped up in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere that simply makes it a joy to attend.

    Vinography - Alder Yarrow
  • The IPNC consistently attracts the brightest stars in the wine world... perhaps best of all is the opportunity to interact with pinot producers from all of the world's greatest regions.

    Burghound.com - Allen Meadows
  • I'd recommend IPNC as an intro for casual Pinot lovers or a full-on master class for winemakers. Actually, I'd say it's required!

    Sunset Magazine - Sara Schneider
  • IPNC is one of those rare wine gatherings that works on every level

    The New York Times - Eric Asimov
  • One of the most enjoyable wine weekends in the world

    Jancis Robinson - JancisRobinson.com
  • Despite Oregonians' inherent modesty and laid-back-to-the-point-of-sleepy nature, they manage to throw one hell of a festival

    Food Republic - Richard Martin


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